DISH Network Satellite TV Packages

Only a few years ago, access to the Internet was a luxury that was nice, but hardly essential. For many, that situation has changed dramatically. The availability of high-speed internet makes it possible for many people to work at home. They have modified their careers and rely on the ability to communicate as a fundamental way of doing business.

For telecommuters, freelancers and work-at-home moms, the dishNET high-speed internet from DISH Network has proven to be a game changer. They revel in the fact that they can go to work for about a dollar a day on the Information Highway instead of the 4 bucks-a-gallon on a congested concrete highway. Even for those that keep their day jobs, knowing that they can check their e-mail, video conference and doing research at home is a real time saver.

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On January 17, 2013 new DISH Network customers will be able to enjoy Sling functionality with the Hopper to allow on-the-go connectively to your home Dish progra and DVR shows through your phone or tablet. And with built-in Wi-Fi you can connect easily to your wireless Broadband Internet network without any extra accessories! Now you can take your home programming and DVR shows with you when you’re are out and about during the day.

The Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR already offers you up to 2,000 hours of recording capability. The PrimeTime Anytime functionality records most of the primetime programming on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC with just one click then allows you the option to skip over commercials with AutoHop.

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Want to watch your home television channels and DVR’d shows on your phone, tablet or computer? Dish Network’s “Dish Anywhere” lets you watch you’re subscription programming whenever and wherever you want!

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Among high definition digital video recorders, there are two systems that are currently leading the home DVR market. These devices are the Hopper and Joey system from DISH Network and DirecTV’s Genie DVR.

With numerous manufacturer claims, marketing tactics and Internet fluff, it can be difficult to determine which DVR is best for you. In order to find out how DISH Network’s Hopper stacks up against DirecTV’s Genie, we must take a look at the features, performance and technical specifications of both units from an objective consumer point of view.

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In the early days of television broadcasts, the only way to receive programming was through the air. Due to limited bandwidth on the airwaves, only a few stations could be broadcast at a time. As technology progressed, companies were able to develop alternative ways to deliver content to their customer’s televisions. One way was through high-bandwidth cables that allowed for a huge expansion in the amount of content that could be delivered into homes. After cable came satellites that could deliver content through receiver dishes installed in the customer’s home. This expanded the amount of available content even further. The latest form of content delivery comes from the Internet. A variety of different streaming services offer unlimited or a la carte on demand content.

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