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There is not a shortage of entertainment on DISH Network programming this weekend, from NBC Sports both Saturday and Sunday, to a full Sunday night of programming premieres to watch across a variety of channels. Don’t stress if you won’t be able to watch everything at the same time though or if you have other weekend plans aside from parking it in on the couch for 48 hours straight in front of the tube because you can use the DISH Remote Access app on your smart phone or tablet to manage your DVR recording and watch your live and recorded TV shows on-the-go. Here’s a list of what’s new this weekend so you can tune in at home or through your mobile device with ‘TV Everywhere.’

Mike Tyson Takes on Pigeons on DISH NetworkThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Watch these real housewives from Orange County, California serve up the drama for its sixth season. Fans of the show will get to see past favorites and two newbies for this housewives reality series. The season six premiere airs Sunday night on Bravo at 10:00 PM.

Taking on Tyson – Animal Planet will be revealing a much softer side of Mike Tyson, one unfamiliar to his fans who are used to seeing him inside a boxing ring. If you didn’t already know that Mike Tyson is a bird-lover, pigeons to be exact, then you are in for quite the treat during the premiere of his new show at 10:00 PM on Sunday night.

The Apprentice on DISH NetworkThe Celebrity Apprentice– Speaking of housewives, Donald Trump will be bringing ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ back to NBC with ‘celebrities’ that include Atlanta housewife NeNe Leakes and LaToya Jackson to name a few. Watch the ‘celebrity’ version of the ‘Apprentice’ as the new season premieres Sunday night on NBC at 9:00 PM.

America’s Next Great Restaurant – Two great chefs and TV personalities, Curtis Stone and Bobby Flay, team up to search for the next great franchise restaurant in the country – sounds delicious and somewhat of a new take on a food-based reality series. Tune in on Sunday night before ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ at 8:00 PM.

Army Wives – The much anticipated return of ‘Army Wives’ is finally here. Viewers can watch ‘Army Wives’ on Lifetime this Sunday at 9:00 PM. This will be the fifth season for the drama packed show based on the trials and tribulations of military life on the home front.

To learn more about DISH Network programming and the DISH Remote Access app visit authorized retailer DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474. Until this weekend is officially here, enjoy this clip for the upcoming premiere of ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant,’ below…warning: it might make you really hungry!

Tablet or Pad? Technology adopters on both sides of the fence, whether they embrace the Android Tablet or the Apple iPad, can both stream live and recorded television with the Remote Access App, seeing as the downloadable feature is now compatible with both devices. Now, you’re not limited to watching ‘TV Everywhere’ on your smart phone, you can utilize the larger screen with the Android Tablet to get access to all of your favorite TV programming, including the NFL playoffs and DISHCinema movies.

Ira Bahr, the CMO at DISH Network, recently commented on the company’s initiative to create a version of the Remote Access app that meets the needs of the Android Tablet user: “DISH Network is the only pay-TV provider to offer a true TV everywhere solution, and now we’ve optimized that experience for the larger screen size of the Android tablets.” Bahr continued with: “Now Dish Network customers can enjoy their TV Everywhere experience on tablets like the Galaxy Tab, as well as the dozens of new Android-based tablet devices soon to be introduced.”

In order to start watching live TV or stream shows from your home DVR on your Android Tablet, you’ll need to make sure that you have an upgraded DVR either the ViP 722 or ViP 722k HD DuoDVR. You will also need to have a wireless Internet connection at home and a DISH Sling Adapter. For more ‘TV Everywhere’ set up instructions, read our “DISH Network Sling Adapter for TV Everywhere – Easy Setup Guide” article on our blog. The DISH Remote Access App is now available on the following devices: Android Tablet, Apple iPad, Blackberry Phones, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices.

You’re already paying for satellite TV service, so doesn’t it make sense to be able to have access to your DISH Network programming no matter where you are? Follow this link to watch how easy it is to stream live and recorded TV on your Android Tablet or other compatible device. Upgrade your DVR or ask us about the Sling Adapter today – visit DISH Systems, authorized DISH Network retailer, online or call 866-989-3474. For more updates on satellite TV technology, get the daily DISH on Facebook and Twitter.

Paula Abdul’s comeback since hosting American Idol is finally here as her latest show on CBS, Live to Dance, premieres tonight on DISH Network. Oddly enough, Abdul’s new reality dance competition series will overlap with season 10 of American Idol, it will be interesting to see how both shows fare throughout their respective seasons beginning in January. You can find tonight’s premiere of Live to Dance on CBS at 8/7 Central or access the shows via your DISH Remote Access App on any smart phone or PC.

Based on the U.K. hit Got to Dance, Paula Abdul’s Live to Dance promises to be different from current U.S.-based reality dance competitions seeing as there are no age or dance style limitations, plus you can be a soloist, duo or group which gives people more of an opportunity to participate in the TV-based forum. In a recent interview with CBS’ The Early Show, Abdul calls her show “a gem” and describes some of the performances as “awe-inspiring, ones that choke you up.”

Not only will Paula Abdul act as a judge on the show, but she will also serve as a personal mentor and coach to help prepare each of the acts as they get their one chance to dance up on stage in front of America and the remaining judges including choreographer Travis Payne and singer/dancer Kimberly Wyatt. The winning dancer, duo or group will receive a cash prize of $500,000 plus world-wide recognition as the winner of Live to Dance.

Watch Live to Dance in HD tonight on DISH Network or set your DVR for 8/7c. For DISH Network deals visit DISH Systems – authorized DISH Network retailer online or call 866-989-3474. You can also find satellite TV news and DISH programming updates by following DISH Systems on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s not as though DISH Network makes it incredibly hard to record your favorite TV shows and schedule upcoming programming, especially with the recent introduction of the DISH Remote Access app. However, the Logitech Revue with GoogleTV simplifies the DVR management process even further for DISH Network subscribers, with an exclusive feature that combines Internet integration with your TV set as Google “talks” to your DVR.

The Logitech Revue comes with a remote which is basically a small keypad; it includes a “search” button which you can press to bring up a search bar similar to what’s used on Google already. Just type the name of your favorite TV show or actor in the search bar and watch as the most relevant results will appear on your TV screen including a listing of upcoming air dates. With your user-friendly Logitech Revue remote, you can select the next air date on broadcast TV for your show to be recorded. The following screen shot is an example of what you can expect to see after selecting your recording (via Search Engine Land):

GoogleTV DISH Network DVR Exclusive FeatureYour recording will then be established after hitting “OK,” at which point GoogleTV will communicate with your DISH DVR to record future episodes of the TV show you previously selected.

The Logitech Revue team plans to be at the Consumer Electronics Show in January to showcase the Logitech Revue with GoogleTV, dispelling any rumors of halted production. You can find other articles on the Logitech Revue with GoogleTV and its various features throughout our blog, from video conferencing to apps on your TV.

To order DISH Network, visit online authorized retailer DISH Systems or call 866-989-3474. You can also find DISH Network news and updates by following DISH Systems on Twitter and Facebook.

Not only were there a significant amount of advancements in TV technology this year including Internet integration and 3D features, but the actual programming in 2010 proved to be something of great recognition as well. From all time favorites like Grey’s Anatomy to newcomer comedy sitcoms like Modern Family, the TV shows of 2010 gave us all something to talk about and DVR. The Daily Beast shared some of it’s favorite picks and ultimate flops of the year, plus we asked our Twitter followers what their favorite shows of the year have been.

The Daily Beast included the following hits in its own list of favorite TV shows of 2010: Mad Men, Community, Friday Night Lights, Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife because each show “challenged the status quo of television or offered imaginative takes on tried-and-true staples.” – Well put. We asked our followers on Twitter what their favorites were. A good amount of our followers said that they enjoyed watching Boardwalk Empire and Hawaii 5-0. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t all about the reality shows this year, which could show a trend in a decline in reality TV interest for next year. The only reality shows mentioned as favorites this year were Pawn Stars and American Pickers. Other favorite TV shows as mentioned by our Twitter followers included: Criminal Minds, Dexter, Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, House, NCIS and Blue Bloods.

Many of the shows mentioned will be back for another season in 2011, so if you haven’t had a chance to watch any of them you can look forward to more DISH Network programming of your own favorite TV shows and more in 2011. If your favorite TV show didn’t make the list, make sure to let us know under “comments” at the bottom!

Watch all of your own ‘best of’ shows on DISH Network in HD and you’ll never have to miss an episode now with DISH Remote Access App, compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Android phones. Call 866-989-3474 or visit DISH Systems – authorized DISH Network retailer online today to make the switch from cable! Follow our tweets on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook for even more satellite TV news and updates!