What is DISH for Business?

DISH for business consists of DISH Network programming packages that are offered to corporations, companies or businesses. If you own or operate a restaurant or sports bar, you can entertain your clientele and help enhance your revenue by subscribing to a DISH Network package for your business. Hospitals and doctors′ offices, as well as motels and hotels can also benefit from DISH for business to add a deeper level of hospitality to your guests′ stay.

Public and Private DISH Network Programming Packages

There are two kinds of business categories when it comes to offering commercial television; "private" and "public". Although many of the programming packages are the same for both public and private, depending on what type of service your business provides will ultimately determine your programming rates and options.

» What is a Public Viewing Establishment?

Establishments that charge an admission or rely on the sale of food or alcohol for immediate consumption as a primary source of revenue are typically a part of the hospitality or "public viewing" industry. For example, bars and restaruants are considered a public viewing establishment.

» What is a Private Viewing Establishment?

Establishments that are not a part of the hospitality industry and do not charge an admission to view the services or provide food or alcohol for immediate consumption are most likely "private viewing". If your looking for DISH programming in areas such as offices, lobbies and waiting rooms, break rooms, gyms, hotels, hospitals and the like, then DISH private programming packages are for you!

After you determine whether your company is a private viewing establishment or a public one, select the programming package that fits both you and your customers needs.