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DISH Products

DISH Network’s Top Products and Equipment

Not only does DISH Network have the best prices, programming and customer support, DISH also has the best and most ground-breaking products and equipment obtainable. DISH engineers work constantly making sure each product provides a more enjoyable television experience. From an easy to use remote control to a satellite antenna that provides a crystal clear digital signal 99 percent of the time, DISH Network leads the satellite television industry in technological achievements.

DISH Network DISH Home Interactive

With DISHHOME, you will be able to use your TV in ways you never thought possible. It’s Free, easy and all you need is your remote control. Here are several features of DISHHOME Interactive:

  • Pay your bill.
  • Check local and national weather.
  • Get breaking news.
  • Add programming.
  • View your statement.
  • Track sports scores.
  • Play Games.

*DISHHOME is not available on all receiver models and a phone line connection maybe required. Caller ID- Your DISH Network receiver doubles as a Caller ID device when the Caller ID subscription is utilized through your local phone company.

DISH Network Satellite Receiver Technology

You can be sure that your DISH Network products are on the forefront of the satellite industry with features that will benefit your television watching experience. From parental locks to interactive TV, DISH Network continues to focus on your ease of use and overall TV viewing enjoyment. DISH Networks Tech Portal provides features, information, installation diagrams, and troubleshooting procedures for all of their receivers.

DISH Network MPEG 2 Standard Single Tuner Satellite Receivers:
DISH 111, DISH 301, 311/Solo Receiver

DISH Network MPEG 2 Standard Dual Tuner Satellite Receivers:
322/Duo Receiver

DISH Network MPEG 2 DISH PRO DVR Dual Tuner Satellite Receivers:
DISH Player DVR 625

DISH Network MPEG 2 HDTV Single Tuner Satellite Receivers:
DISH 811

DISH Network MPEG 2 HD DVR Dual Tuner Satellite Receivers:
DVR 942

DISH Network MPEG 4 HDTV Single Tuner Satellite Receivers:
ViP 211

DISH Network MPEG 4 HD DVR Dual Tuner Satellite Receivers:
622/HD DuoDVR Receiver, 722/HD DuoDVR Receiver

DISH Network Commercial Satellite Receivers:
351/Solo Receiver, 381/Solo Receiver