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DISH Hopper

Whole Home HD DVR from DISH

Change the way you watch television with the Hopper®. You’ve heard the claims of whole-home DVR service from other cable and satellite TV providers out there, but you won’t find a DVR more unique or more revolutionary than the DISH Hopper®. With the Hopper® HD DVR and the Joey, you get full DVR functionality on every TV, in any room in the house.

Hopper HD DVR

The Hopper HD DVR receiver serves as the hub for your whole-home TV entertainment to deliver full HD DVR service to any room in your home.


  • A 2 terabyte hard drive, the largest in the pay-TV industry, that can record over 500 hours of high definition content and over 800 hours of standard definition content or a total of 83 days!
  • 5 satellite tuners that allows you to watch or record up to 5 live HD programs at once from any television connected to your whole-home network.
  • With PrimeTime Anytime you can record up to 8 programs at once. This is an exclusive feature on the DISH Hopper that gives you instant On Demand access to your favorite primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC in HD (where available).


The Joey is a small receiver installed on each additional television in the home to communicate with the Hopper, giving you the same full HD DVR functionality as the Hopper.


  • Each Joey has the same TV user interface as the Hopper.
  • A single Hopper can communicate with up to 3 Joey receivers (4 TVs).
  • The Joey can be installed on both an HD and SD television (SD video output is RCA composite video only)
  • Virtual Joey™ App – enables you to access Hopper content from select LG Electronics and Sony PlayStation® devices.^

Configuration Options

  • 1 Hopper with up to 3 Joeys for up to 4 televisions
  • A 4th Joey receiver requires a second Hopper added to your DVR network, which expands your DVR recording capabilities to 6 live HD channels at once and 9 during primetime hours.

Additional Features

  • DISH On Demand — Instantly order and begin watching hundreds of On Demand titles including new releases that are stored on the Hopper’s hard drive without having to wait for downloading.
  • Picture-in-Picture (Hopper only) — Watch two programs on a single TV screen, one on the full screen and one on the inset window (two tuners must be available for PIP).
  • Apps — Available apps include the Pandora, Game Finder, CNN, NBC Sports, and Access Hollywood apps.
  • DISH Anywhere™ — The Hopper with Sling® or the Hopper with a Sling® Adapter gives you the capability to watch live DISH programming and DVR content and schedule DVR recordings from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone while on-the-go.
  • DISH Unplugged — Get hundreds of pre-downloaded On Demand titles for instant viewing when you subscribe to premiums such as Blockbuster @Home, HBO, or EPIX. No broadband connection is required.
  • Remote Control Locator — Use the “Locate Remote” button on the front panel of the Hopper and Joey to help you easily find your remote.

Introducing the Super Joey from DISH

Tired of having to pick and choose which of your favorite programs to record? You can rest easy and record them all with the Super Joey from DISH. Now you can record up to 8 shows at once*! All for just $10 more a month^ with the new Super Joey.

Super Joeys only operate in conjunction with a Hopper, not available for individual resale. Requires a broadband-connected, Sling-enabled DVR.

*Record up to 8 shows at once when using Prime Time Anytime feature or up to 5 shows at a time when not using Prime Time Anytime feature.

^$10/month Additional Receiver Fee. Other equipment and fees apply.

For a limited time only, new and qualifying former DISH customers receive their 1st Hopper and 3 Joeys FREE.*
^Virtual Joey App available now for select LG Electronics. App will be available for PlayStation 3 late March 2014 and for PlayStation 4 in May/June 2014.