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DISH Now Offers High-Speed Internet!

dishNET High-Speed Internet
We know DISH Network offers the best in satellite television entertainment and now DISH offers even more by partnering with the nation's best in high speed satellite internet. DISH customers who have been asking for internet and TV bundles from the leading satellite service provider can now get fast and reliable high-speed internet access with a DISH TV package in a single bundle. View DISH Internet prices for dishNET below. What is this great new plan from DISH?

Introducing: dishNET

For DISH customers interested in internet service, dishNET is about to change everything you know about broadband internet via satellite technology. Their exciting new partnership with the nation's leading satellite internet providers brings together the highest capacity satellite in the world, state-of-the-art ground equipment, and breakthrough web acceleration technology, all optimized to bring you super-fast internet speed and high quality streaming with speeds up to three times faster than DSL.

DISH High Speed Internet will be the perfect solution for customers who are not satisfied with the selection of (or lack of) cable internet providers in their area. For people that live out in rural areas where cable doesn't quite reach, dishNET is a great option for its nationwide availability and a better alternative to slow dial-up connections. No longer will you be limited to cable service you don't want or relegated to dial-up based on where you live.

dishNET is simply the best way to get both high-quality Video and high-speed Internet service almost anywhere in the U.S. on a single plan. The best value for new customers comes with bundling DISH TV with dishNET.

Need More Reasons to Get dishNET?

  • Multiple plans to fit your budget, your desired speed and data needs (view dishNET internet prices below)
  • Save $120 a year when you bundle DISH High-Speed Internet with qualifying DISH TV Packages
  • Convenience of a single bill and 24/7 customer support from DISH
  • Activation fee waived when you bundle with qualifying DISH TV service–a $99 value!

High Speed Internet†
Bundled with DISH TV
Reg. $49.99/mo.
- Up to 10GB Anytime Data**
- Up to 50GB Bonus Data (2am-8am Bonus use)***
- Up to 10 mbps download & 1 mbps upload

High Speed Internet†
Bundled with DISH TV
Reg. $59.99/mo.
- 10GB Anytime Data**
- Up to 50GB Bonus Data (2am-8am Bonus use)***
- Up to 10 mbps download & 1 mbps upload

High Speed Internet†
Bundled with DISH TV
Reg. $79.99/mo.
- Up to 50GB Anytime Data**
- Up to 50GB Bonus Data (2am-8am Bonus use)***
- Up to 15 mbps download & 2 mbps upload

* Bundled monthly price for qualifying video package and dishNET service. dishNET-only price is $10 more per month.
** Once Anytime Data is exhausted, “Plus” plan speeds may be restricted to a maximum of 768 kbps for all non-VPN email and non-streaming Web content. VPN access, direct downloads, streaming services, flash objects and other Internet use may be restricted to a maximum of 128 kbps. Once Anytime Data is exhausted, non-“Plus” Plans may have all services restricted to a maximum of 128kbps.
*** Off-Peak data is what is used between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m., local time. During Off-Peak times, if the customer has available Anytime Data, service will be provided normally. Once Anytime Data is exhausted, service may be restricted to a maximum of 128 kbps.
† Customers in designated geographic areas may be subject to a one-time, additional Activation Fee, up to $250.
*A 24-month Agreement for dishNET service is required. A cancellation fee of $420 will apply for early contract cancellation, pro-rated at $17.50 for each month remaining on the contract. Equipment must be returned upon cancellation of dishNET service, otherwise unreturned equipment fees apply. There is no purchase option. Bundle discount will be forfeited if customer downgrades from a qualifying programming package or service disconnection.

Pick a plan. Save a bundle. Give us a call today and ask about how you can bundle and save with high-speed internet from DISH!

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» Does DISH have Internet?
DISH does offer internet, formerly from ViaSat powered by WildBlue, which became Exede. On October 1st, 2012, DISH will begin offering its own satellite broadband internet service called dishNET, supplied by two of the nation's leading satellite internet providers.

» Who are these leading satellite internet providers?
Under dishNET, DISH will continue to offer High-Speed Internet powered by Exede. In addition, DISH has partnered with HughesNet to offer DISH customers Gen4, a new 4th generation high-speed satellite internet service from HughesNet.

» Can I bundle a DISH TV package with the new dishNET High-Speed Internet service?
You sure can! Simply order a qualifying DISH TV package and get DISH High-Speed Internet on one convenient bill. Bundling also gives you an instant $10.00 monthly discount automatically applied to your bill! Bundling is the way to go if you’re new to DISH and looking for a cost efficient TV and Internet package.

» Which DISH TV packages qualify for the bundle discount?
Eligible DISH TV packages include America's Top 120 or above, DishLATINO Clásico or above, and DISH America or above.

» Is there an activation fee?
No! Most customers have the opportunity to get the $99 activation fee waived.

» Can an existing DISH TV customer get dishNET High-Speed Internet?
Although dishNET is currently only offered as a bundle or standalone, existing DISH customers will be able to ask about adding dishNET High-Speed Internet starting February 2013 by contacting DISH directly.

» What if I'm an existing DISH customer with Wildblue or Exede Internet?
DISH customers who activated DISH High-Speed Internet powered by WildBlue or Exede prior to October 1st, 2012 will maintain their same pricing, download speed, and data-usage threshold.

» Can I upgrade my existing DISH High-Speed Internet powered by WildBlue plan to a new dishNET plan?
Qualified existing DISH customers with WildBlue may upgrade to one of the new dishNET service plans if they meet upgrade requirements. Upgrades may not be available in all areas of the country due to bandwidth restrictions from the providers. Contact DISH directly and ask about upgrading your WildBlue service to a dishNET service.

» Is dishNET available for commercial accounts?
No, dishNET is currently available to residential customers only.

» What about data usage capacities of dishNET? How are data caps divided?
dishNET offers customers high monthly data caps. Monthly data caps are divided into Anytime usage (24 hours a day) and overnight Bonus usage (between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. local time only). For example, with the 30GB data cap packages, 15GB is designated for Anytime use and the other 15GB for overnight, off-peak Bonus use.

» And what happens when I reach my data cap limit?
If you use up all of your Bonus data, you will begin to use your Anytime data between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. If you use up all of your Anytime data, you will not be able to use your Bonus data any time other than 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. If you use 100% of your data capacity before your next billing cycle, your download speed will be throttled to approximately 128 kbps for the remainder of the month. When you reach 80% of your monthly data cap, DISH will send an email alert. Data does not roll over to the next billing cycle.

» Can I add additional Anytime data capacity allowance for my current billing period?
Yes, you can! Beginning December 2012, dishNET customers may purchase additional 3GB capacity tokens for $25.00 each that will be applied to their Anytime data cap.

» How do I monitor my current data usage?
dishNET customers can check their current data usage by going to under the "Usage" tab or at