DISH Network Satellite TV Packages

True fans know how important it is to hear or see the game at any time. There are many great applications for your phone or iPad so you won’t miss a second. Modern technology brings the sports to your finger tips.

Here is a list of great sports apps:

1) CBS Sports

Description – This mobile app has great live broadcasts of basketball and football games. Follow your “Stats Leaders” and “Scoreboard.”

Platform – iPhone or Android

Cost – Free

2) DirecTV SuperFan

Description – This is a SuperFantastic application for those who have DirecTV membership, NFL Sunday Ticket and SuperFan service. Enjoy live football video.

Platform – iPhone, Palm, BlackBerry or Windows

Cost – Free

3) ESPN Radio

Description – Leading the sports planet, ESPN has expanded its reach offering consumers the ability to listen to various stations.

Platform – iPhone, iPad or Android

Cost – Free with Live Streams for $4.99

4) ESPN ScoreCenter XL

Description – Recognized as the world sports leader, ESPN covers the widest range of contests. Get game previews, in-game updates, recaps, scores and videos.

Platform – iPhone, iPad or Android

Cost – Free version and XL is paid

5) Madden NFL EA Sports

Description – Play the best-selling Madden football game anywhere.

Platform – iPhone, iPad or Android

Cost – Paid

6) MLB At Bat

Description – Major League Baseball provides live audio coverage, in-game highlights and video feeds.

Platform – iPhone, BlackBerry or Android

Cost – Pay fee for activation and individual games for $0.99 each

7) NBA Game Time Courtside

Description – Track individual players and teams.

Platform – iPhone or Android

Cost – Free

8) NFL Mobile

Description – Follow your favorite team with live updates, audio and video streams.

Platform – iPhone, iPad or Android

Cost – Lite is free and Premium is paid

9) Sportacular Free and Pro

Description – This is the most sophisticated mobile app with great score updates.

Platform – iPhone, iPad or Android

Cost – Free for Basic and $1.99 for Pro

10) Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Description – Fans can edit, update and follow their Fantasy Football League with this great app.

Platform – iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android

Cost – Free

Notable Home TV Extension App: You can watch your actual home sport channels with the Slingplayer app ($29.99 and requires a SlingBox home unit).

DISH Free HBO and CineMaxHBO + CINEMAX – Channels 300-309, 310-314
9/15 – 9/17
Now is the time to experience HBO and Cinemax FREE for four days! DISH will be giving you a free preview of HBO so you can see what you have been missing. With HBO and Cinemax, you’ll have access to premium movies, documentaries, exclusive original series, and more.

DIY Network – Channel 111
9/13 – 10/9
DIY Network is the go-to destination for knock-out home improvement television made by real experts for real people. DIY Network’s programs answer the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and novices. Now included in: America’s Top 250 and Higher

CURRENT TV – Channel 215
9/13 – 10/9
Current TV provides insightful analysis on important issues – shining a light where others won’t dare. Boldly exploring provocative subjects, Current delivers news analysis and political commentary with an independent, unexpected point-of-view that people want and need to hear. Now included in: America’s Top 200 and Higher

OWN HD – Channel 189
9/13 – 10/9
The new Oprah Winfrey Network has shows designed to entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives. Programming includes weekly daytime and primetime series, specials, movies, and original documentaries. Now included in: America’s Top 200 and Higher

THE BLAZE – Channel 212
9/12 – 9/26
Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze is a news, information & entertainment network dedicated to delivering high quality programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The exclusive provider of Glenn’s daily television broadcast, TheBlaze also offers a full slate of thought provoking news shows, provocative documentaries, family-friendly reality programs and other original specials covering a myriad of entertaining and enlightening topics. TheBlaze is the only network where you can find the facts and stories you care about most. TheBlaze -Truth Lives Here. Now included in: America’s Top 250 and A la Carte

9/13 – 10/9
GSN is the only game show dedicated network, with shows ranging from classics like Family Feud to new, original shows including The American Bible Challenge, Beat the Chefs and The Pyramid.  Included In: America’s Top 200 and Heartland Package

For more information on DISH Network or to order call 888-582-4883

The Hopper’s GameFinder app* allows you to check out what games are on TV or coming up next without taking you away from what you’re currently watching!

You can now check out the schedule and scores for NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA, NCAA football and NCAA basketball games with the push of a button. Plus you can choose to watch or record live games and set timers or recordings for upcoming games – all within the GameFinder app itself and all while still watching your current game.**

Additional Key Features

Customize by selecting your favorite teams in each sport. GameFinder will remember your favorites and make them show up at the top of the list.

Games sorted by Thuuz™. This terrific app not only provides the scores of all the games being played, but also ranks the games by how interesting future games are expected to be or how exciting current games actually are! Thuuz takes components such as team and player records, rivalry levels, closeness of the score, and more to determine what you may want to watch!

Provides scores and start times for all live and upcoming games for the next several days. You can watch one game while getting a detailed box score of another.

If a game you want to watch is not available because it is not part of your current programming package, you can upgrade your programming to include that sports game while you’re still in GameFinder! Just use your remote to click on the “Upgrade” button to upgrade your programming and get back to the game. Game blacked out? While you won’t be able to watch a blacked out game live, you can still see the live scores for that game.

For Current Deals On Dish Network Or Questions About The Hopper Call 888-582-4883.

*Hopper must be connected to Broadband Internet.
** Game coverage varies depending upon subscriber programming package

Classics Seasoned with a 2012 Twist – The new fall television schedule is taking audiences for a bumpy ride through familiar territory. Twists on classic characters and plots abound, but TV fanatics need not fear! These offerings only hint at the traditional, and television’s faithful are in for some creative treats this season.

ABC’s twist on the Faustian deal emerges as 666 Park Avenue, slatted to premiere on Sunday, September 30. An adaptation of Gabrielle Pierce’s book series, this supernatural drama follows Dave Annable (from Brothers & Sisters) and Rachael Taylor (from Charlie’s Angels), an innocent Midwestern couple, in their experiences as resident managers of The Drake, an Upper East Side apartment building owned by Terry O’Quinn (of Lost fame) and his wife, Vanessa Williams (from Desperate Housewives). Beyond the normal challenges of managing a building of the city’s rich and famous, all of the residents of The Drake have made deals with the Devil for their hearts’ desires.

Graphic novel fans that are experiencing withdrawal after the demise of CW’s Smallville and the summer’s venture into Gotham with The Dark Knight Rises may be happy to see CW’s latest contribution Arrow which premieres Wednesday, October 10. An updated Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow, played by Stephen Amell, is the comic-book classic wealthy playboy by day and a vigilante crime-fighter by night. After surviving a boating accident that killed his father and his girlfriend’s sister, with whom Queen was having a lurid affair, the tormented tragic hero honed his archery skills alone on a deserted island. He returns to civilization in order to take down his father’s enemies to clear his family name. Superhero fans are holding their breath to see if the writing and acting will keep them tuned in.

The next evening, Thursday, October 11, promises a remake of another kind on CW, Beauty and the Beast. This traditional fairy tale has been refashioned multiple times, but this fall’s rebirth, starring Kristin Kreuk (from Smallville), is clearly a remake of the 1987 show with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. Unlike the 1987 version, Kiwi Jay Ryan’s character, Vincent Keller, will be scarred not socially outcast because of a lion-like appearance. Producers are promising the bestial nature of the character will emerge through his actions as the season progresses.

The recent Sherlock Holmes craze has jumped the pond, re-imagined from BBC and coming to CBS on Tuesday, September 25, with the premiere of Elementary. This modern exploration of the fictional crime-solver stars Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock, a recovering addict and NYPD consultant. His Watson is his female “sober companion,” a former surgeon played by Lucy Liu.

As innately pessimistic creatures, humans thrive on post-apocalyptic tales, and NBC is offering us Revolution starting Monday, September 17. This drama draws heavily upon mythology and our collective need for others, thanks to the creative minds of J.J. Abrams (Lost) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural). Set in a dismaying post-apocalyptic future with no electricity, stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Tracy Spiridakos, Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito struggle to figure out how technology vanished and who holds the key to survival.

Only the next few weeks’ worth of ratings will tell if audiences will tune in for the new perspectives on the classics.

Fantasy football players will be happy to know that there are two very good options for their NFL viewing pleasure on Sundays: Redzone and Sunday Ticket. DirecTV offers Sunday Ticket to their customers and Redzone comes from NFL Network. You could conceivably have both without paying too much extra, but you would only be able to use one at a time. Fantasy football players will find each with its own pros and cons.

For fantasy football players who live, eat, and breathe football, NFL Sunday Ticket is the way to go. They show you every game every single week. Redzone does this as well, but the difference is that Redzone shows you all of the critical drives in every game as they are happening. Sunday Ticket only focuses on one game at a time, though it is the game that you choose. Redzone interrupts the game you’re on now to take you to potential scoring drives, drives to end the half or game, and overtimes.  So if you’re looking for constant action and updates then Redzone’s for you.

Sunday Ticket is ideal for the football fanatic that lives outside of their team’s market area. Fans of multiple teams will always benefit from Sunday Ticket as they can keep tabs on any game any time. Redzone is probably better for fantasy football players because it shows them exactly how their fantasy players are performing. When the championships are on the line, people can watch their players score touchdowns, kick field goals, and intercept big passes.

With Redzone, the announcers basically take you from game to game and allow you to watch the most important parts of that game. This is a great tool to have if your team plays at a different time or if your team has a bye week. The season becomes a lot more exciting with Redzone than with Sunday Ticket. Fantasy players get to keep tabs on their QB, RB, WR, and anyone else they have involved in the games. They’ll be able to basically figure out their score in the fantasy game compared to other players.

The fast, exciting nature of Redzone puts fantasy football players and football fans in the heart of the most exciting action. The touchdown might be the most exciting score in all of sports, and you could see every touchdown every week with NFL Redzone. You should get Redzone if you want to upgrade the way you watch NFL football. You’ll likely never go back to the way you used to watch the game.