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DISH Hopper

DISH Network Hopper and Whole-Home DVR Service

You haven’t experienced the best in whole-home DVR until you’ve used the Hopper from DISH Network. The award-winning Hopper, Hopper with Sling and Hopper 3 offer powerful DVR functionality and let you share recordings between any HD TV in your home by communicating with a client receiver, the Joey. The Joey is installed on each television in the home and gives you the same TV user interface as the Hopper. Up to three Joey receivers (four TVs) can communicate with a single Hopper and can be installed on both an HD and SD television (SD video output is RCA composite video only).


Combined, the Hopper HD DVR and Joey receivers create a whole-home solution that lets DISH customers easily record, pause and play back shows from any room in the home. While most whole-home DVRs do not have the same receiver functionality on every TV, the Hopper and Joey whole-home system offers the same DVR functionality on every TV, letting customers pause, play and rewind both live and recorded HD programs in up to four rooms!

Key features of the Hopper and Joey whole-home DVR system include::

  • Connect up to four HD TVs from a single Hopper and three Joeys
  • Full DVR functionality on every TV, including the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind live TV
  • Share DVR recordings between any HD TV in the home
  • Record up to six live HD channels at once using PrimeTime Anytime™ and stream four HD programs to different TVs simultaneously, giving you instant On Demand access to eight days of primetime content from ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC*
  • 2 terabyte hard drive – the largest in the pay-TV industry
  • Record over 500 hours of HD programming and 800 hours of SD programming
  • Access hundreds of On Demand titles even if you are not connected to the Internet with DISH Unplugged
  • The world’s fastest satellite receiver with a 750 MHz processor
  • SiriusXM satellite music channels including station logos
  • SRS TruVolume™ technology to prevent annoying volume fluctuations

Hopper with Sling®

How do you add more to an already revolutionary HD DVR packed with features that top all other DVRs? You add even more features of course! The Hopper with Sling includes everything you loved about the original Hopper, along with a few exciting enhancements. It now has the built-in ability to deliver all your live and recorded TV channels to your mobile devices, both at home and on the go. Hopper with Sling also comes with built-in Wi-Fi so it can wirelessly connect to your broadband Internet service.

Key features of the Hopper with Sling::

  • Hopper with built-in Sling lets you enjoy DISH Anywhere™ on your computer and mobile device – including all of your live channels and everything on your DVR, anywhere you have Internet access. Simply visit or download the DISH Anywhere app.
  • The Hopper Transfers™ app lets you transfer your DVR recordings to your iPad® and watch them wherever you are – even when you don’t have an Internet connection.
  • The DISH Explorer app expands your TV viewing experience. Easily discover what’s worth watching and tune in on your Hopper. You can now interact with the show’s live Twitter feed or get enhanced sports stats.
  • AutoHop™ is the patented award-winning technology from DISH that lets you skip ads easily in select primetime shows.**
  • 1.3 GHz processor – the fastest in the pay-TV industry.
  • First satellite receiver to offer Bluetooth® audio streaming.
  • Over 70 SiriusXM™ satellite music channels including album art.†

Introducing the Hopper 3 with Sling

The Hopper 3 is powerful enough to keep your entire family entertained no matter how many shows they want to watch and record! The Hopper 3 includes the crowd-pleasing capabilities of Sling and enables your household to watch and record an incredible 16 shows at once. In addition to the popular features of Hopper and Hopper with Sling, the Hopper 3 offers:

  • 4K video
  • Faster navigation
  • Custom mosaic
  • New user interface
  • Integrated search

Introducing the Super Joey from DISH

Tired of having to pick and choose which of your favorite programs to record? You can rest easy and record them all with the Super Joey from DISH. Now you can record up to 8 shows at once*! All for just $10 more a month^ with the Super Joey.

Super Joeys only operate in conjunction with a Hopper, not available for individual resale. Requires a broadband-connected, Sling-enabled DVR.

*Record up to 8 shows at once when using Prime Time Anytime feature or up to 5 shows at a time when not using Prime Time Anytime feature.

^$10/month Additional Receiver Fee. Other equipment and fees apply.

Hopper Transfers

Only available with Hopper with Sling and the iPad®

Hopper Transfers allow you to transfer your DVR recordings to your iPad and watch them from anywhere. No Broadband Internet connection is required to watch this content on your mobile device.

  • Hopper Transfers technology is currently only available for iPad.
  • Requires Broadband Internet connection to Hopper.
  • Select DVR recordings cannot be transferred.

DISH Explorer

DISH Explorer (launching by January 17th) offers new content and interactive features for your Hopper, Hopper with Sling and Hopper 3, including:

  • Access the EPG, "What's Hot", Rotten Tomatoes or Thuuz ratings on Hopper through your iPad.
  • Access additional information about the program that you're watching (and comment on the program) by accessing the live Twitter® feed for the program. Or sign into your own Facebook® or Twitter accounts to join the conversation.
  • Use your iPad as a remote control for your Hopper.
  • DISH Explorer technology is currently only available for the iPad.
  • Requires Broadband Internet connection to Hopper.

DISH Anywhere

DISH Anywhere brings you the best in programming content not only on your TV, but also on your PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. View all programming you are subscribed to — both live and DVR recorded — even when you are not in front of your TV.

There are Two Ways to Experience DISH Anywhere: (for PCs and laptops) includes all of these great features:

  • Watch Live TV or DVR Recordings (Requires a Broadband Internet-connected Sling-enabled DVR; ViP® 722(k), Hopper with a Sling Adapter accessory, ViP 922, or the new Hopper with Sling)
  • Enjoy Free On Demand Content
  • Access Premium On Demand Content
  • View DISH Movie Pack™
  • Browse Program Guide
  • Manage Your DVR
  • Account Management

Visit and experience all the DISH Anywhere features from your PC or laptop.

DISH Anywhere App (for Mobile Devices):

  • Watch Live TV or DVR Recordings (Requires a Broadband Internet-connected Sling-enabled DVR; ViP® 722(k), Hopper with a Sling Adapter accessory, ViP 922, or the new Hopper with Sling)
  • Enjoy Free Content (only available on iPad®)
  • Access Premium Content (only available on iPad®)
  • Browse Program Guide
  • Manage Your DVR
  • Use Remote Control — Turn your tablet or other mobile device into a remote control for your TV — change channels, pause live TV and play recorded programs. Not available for Hopper or Hopper with Sling.

Get your DISH Hopper today and experience whole-home DVR service like never before! For customers interested in the Hopper with Sling or the Hopper 3, give us a call now and just ask about it!

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