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Cantonese: Jadeworld™ From Dish Network

翡翠組合和 TVB 頻道將於十一月十八日由 DISH 提供, 為了盡快睇到翡翠組合台, 請立即登記。

The Jadeworld package and TVB channels will be available on DISH Network beginning November 18, 2012.

翡翠組合 : 每月只需 $29.99 立即打 866.989.3474 登記啦!

Cantonese: Jadeworld Pack – $29.99/mo.

($39.99/mo. with Basic Chinese Pack)

Pre-Order Now!!!!!! Call 866.989.3474

翡翠組合套餐頻道包括5 個台:TVB1,TVB2 ,TVBe 以及 TVBS 和CCTV-4 。

Jadeworld is a brand new international programming package that offers 5 channels of popular programming full of entertainment and informational programming for every member of the family with programming from Mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, and more.

Jadeworld programming includes genres for the whole household: news, entertainment, music, lifestyle, children's programming, and more. The TVB channels featured in the Jadeworld package carry programs that are available for U.S. viewers the same day they originally broadcast.

Jadeworld Channel Lineup Includes:

General Entertainment
The most popular TVB dramas on same-day broadcast with Hong Kong, daily Hong Kong and world news, U.S. news and financial reports, plus talk shows, lifestyle and travel programs. (Cantonese) » Top Show: "The Confidant"

General Entertainment
In addition to news from Hong Kong, the U.S., and worldwide, TVB2 also offers children's programs, travel info shows, music variety shows, top-rated dramas, and popular sitcoms. (Cantonese) » Top Shows: "All Star World Exam" "Let's Play with Our Food"

Same-day broadcasts including entertainment news, daily market analysis, and news reports, plus TVB hit dramas and a wide range of shows covering celebrity news, health, travel, food, and music. (Cantonese) » Top Show: "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles"

General Entertainment
透過海外衛星與台灣同步播出。 節目以各類新聞廣播、多元民生、互動資訊、全面時事、專業報導為主。廣為人知的新聞節目包括「2100全民開講」、「新聞夜總會」等,充分討論中、港、台的政治、經濟、文化、生活的重大新聞議題。
Broadcasts in real-time direct from Taiwan. Renowned news digests and talk shows examine pressing political and economic issues in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. (Mandarin) » Top Shows: "News Night Club" "Speaking Your Mind on 2100"

General Entertainment
雲集中國精彩節目包括新聞、戲劇、體育、專題、綜藝遊戲節目。以立足中國、放眼全球為標的,客觀地報導新聞、評論時事、發報訊息的CCTV4, 成為拉近觀眾與中國的第一視窗。

Provides millions of Chinese Americans in the U.S. with great Mandarin Chinese programming packed with news, documentaries, talk shows, and much more. (Mandarin)

Jadeworld package offers some of the most popular sitcoms and dramas from Hong Kong on 5 Chinese-language channels.

More Programming Options

DISH offers more than 40 channels from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, all of which are presented in 100% digital picture quality, 24 hours-a-day.

Chinese Programming:

Chinese: Great Wall TV – $22.99/mo.

Channels Include: Anhui TV, ATV Home Channel America, Beijing TV, CCTV-4, CCTV- Entertainment, CCTV-News, CCTV-Opera, CCTV-E, China Movie Channel, Chong Qing Television, CYRTV, Dragon TV, Fujian Straits TV, Guangdong Southern TV, Hunan Satellite Television, Jiangsu International Channel, One World Sports, Pacvia TV, Phoenix InfoNews, Phoenix North America Chinese Channel, Shenz hen Television, Xiamen TV, Zhejiang TV

Chinese: Elite – $19.99/mo.

Channels Include: CCTV-4, CCTV-Entertainment, Hunan Satellite TV, One World Sports, Phoenix InfoNews, Phoenix North America Chinese Channel

Chinese Add-On Packages:

Chinese: One World Sports Channel – $5/mo.

Chinese: Family Pack – 5/mo.

Channels Include: BabyTV Mandarin, Food Network Asia, Momo Kids, YOYO TV

Chinese: Phoenix Pack – $5/mo.

Channels Include: Phoenix InfoNews, Phoenix North America Chinese Channel

Vietnamese Programming:

Vietnamese: My Viet – $19.99/mo.

Channels Include: VBS, VETV, VSky Culture, VSky Entertainment, VSky Movies, TVB Vietnam (effective Nov. 18, 2012)

The first 24-hour Vietnamese-dubbed TVB drama channel in the U.S. Enjoy endless family-oriented TVB dramas, including action, romance, comedy, sci-fi, and much more.

Taiwanese Programming:

Taiwanese: Mega – $29.99/mo.

Channels Include: Channel [V], CTS, Da Ai 2, ET China, ET Drama, ET-Financial News, ET Global, ET News, Food Network Asia, Formosa TV, ICN, JET TV International, Momo Kids, One World Sports, SETi, SkyLink TV, SkyLink TV-2, Star Chinese, Star Chinese Movies 2, TTV, UBN, YOYO TV

Taiwanese: Elite – $19.99/mo. (effective Nov. 18, 2012)

Channels Included: ET Drama, ET Global, ET News, Formosa TV, ICN, One World Sports

Taiwanese Add-On Packages:

Taiwanese: SETi – $5/mo.

Taiwanese: SkyLink – $5/mo.

Channels Included: SkyLink TV-2. Top Show: "The Four" Customers who subscribe to the Cantonese: Jadeworld package or other qualifying International package.

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Programming Package must also subscribe to an applicable. Residential or Commercial Required Minimum Programming Package. Customers who subscribe to an International add-on package must also subscribe to an applicable Residential Required Minimum Programming Package as well as an additional qualifying International Programming Package. All programming and pricing is subject to change at Any Time in DISH's Sole Discretion.